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3.4. How do I edit the Final/Weighted Column?


Before going into details about the two types of total columns it is important to address the effects of setting the column to calculate as a Running Total.



1.) Weighted Final Column: This column is calculated based on an assigned weight (%) of all or only selected columns in your grade book.


Example of a configured Weighted Column.



2.) Total Column: This type of column is point based rather than weighted. Total columns can be calculated based on individual columns, categories, or the grade center as a whole.

3.) Importing Final/Midterm Grades into Banner: Midterm and Final grades must be imported into banner from the blackboard grade center. Here is a thorough guide created by the FRC on how to to this. As always, if you have any questions regarding creating/configuring the necessary columns or would rather Online Course Technical Support handle the creation of these columns for you, do not hesitate to contact us by Email or by Phone: (866) 205-1011


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