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4.1. How do I Edit Assignments?


Assignment options may be customized in the many ways detailed below to help it meet instructor needs.


Navigate to the desired assignment (within the assignment area or within a module) and hover your mouse over the title. You should see a small context menu circle appear next to the title, click this and select "Edit"


1.) Assignment Information: Here you can modify the display name of the assignment as well as the instructions students will see both in the preview of the assignment and once they click into the assignment.

2.) Assignment Files: This area allows you to attach files the students can download as part of their assignment, they can be uploaded form your computer or the Content collection for the course.

3.) Grading: In this area you may set/adjust the points possible for the assignment as well as create or attach a rubric. For help on attaching rubrics, visit our Associating Rubrics With an Item section.

4.) Availability: This section allows you to;


5.) Due Dates: This will allow you to specify the date/time the assignment will be due, if the "Display Until" option is NOT checked students will still be able to submit past the due date. Late submissions will show up with with a yellow circle  in your grade book as well as in your "Needs Grading" area.

6.) Recipients: This section will usually remain the default "All Students Individually", unless you have groups created and would like a group assignment. For group assignments everyone in the specified groups will receive the same grade.


7.) Click the Submit button to save your settings.


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