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5.4. How can I edit the Test Information?


After selecting "Edit the Test Options", you will be brought to a page numbered by various sections. The first of which is Test Information



1. Name -

Here, you may change the name of the test or quiz to whatever matches the syllabus or to whatever you would like. Simply replace the text that is currently in there and hit "Submit." 

2. Choose Color of Name: -

The feature allows you to change the color of the title as it appears on the Assessments page. We typically leave this Black as the default, but feel free to change it. 

3. Content Link Description -

This description is what appears under the test/quiz title on the Assessments page. It is recommended to put any vital instructions that are needed before the test here. You may also put a brief description of what the assessment is.

4. Show test description to students before they begin the test -

If you leave it unchecked, the students do not see the description before they begin the test. It will still appear under the title on the Assessments page, but it will not appear when they click on the title. 

5. Open test in new window -

If this box is checked, when students enter the test, the assessment will open in a new window. 


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