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5.5. How can I edit Test Availability?


The Test Availability section allows for very specific criteria being met in order to access the assessments.




1. Make the Link Available -

This "Yes" or "No" button allows you to make the link to the assessment available or unavailable. For example, if you do not want students to see the exam/quiz or need to make adjustments to it, you could set the link to be unavailable and students would not be able to see or access it. The default is set to "Yes" since you can achieve the same results by changing the Display After and Display Until dates.

2. Add a New Announcement for This Test -

This "Yes" or "No" button allows you to create an announcement for the assessment. The default is set to "No."

3. Multiple Attempts -

This checkbox allows you to set the assessment to have multiple attempts rather than a single attempt. If you select it, you will have the option to "Allow Unlimited Attempts" (until the due date) or to manually input a "Number of Attempts."

4. Force Completion -

Force Completion sets the assessment so that once it is started, it must be completed in one sitting. We usually leave this box unchecked so that Force Completion is not on because it can lead to issues if someone's internet cuts out or if the student accidentally closes the window in which they are taking the assessment.

5. Set Timer -

The Timer allows you to dictate how long students will have to complete the assessment once they start. This will also allow you to see how long students took on the assessment. You may manually enter a time in units of "Minutes." Also in this section is the "Auto-Submit" feature. Auto-Submit will automatically save and submit the assessment once the timer has expired. If Auto-Submit is not selected, the student can continue taking the assessment, but the questions will be marked if they were completed after the timer expired so that you can assign credit accordingly. 

6. Display After/Display Until -

The Display After and Display Until section allows you to set dates and times when the link to the assessment will be available to students. This accomplishes the same result as the "Make the Link Available" feature at the top; however, you can set the dates at the beginning of the semester to coincide with the schedule and they will automatically open and close. This is the preferred method. Students will not be able to access or see the link before the "Display After" date/time and they will not be able to access or see it after the "Display Until" date/time.

7. Password -

You may set a password for the exam which means the password must be entered in order for the student to access the assessment. If you do set a password, you will need to give that information to your students prior.

8. Restrict Location -

This allows you to require students to log on and take the assessment from a specific location or range of IP addresses. Since these are online courses and our students are dispersed and located in numerous regions, we leave this set to "No Restrictions." Please do not change this setting.

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