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5.9. How can I Show Test Results and Feedback to Students?


After clicking Edit the Test Options, the sixth section is titled Show Test Results and Feedback to Students:



The section allows you to set what results students see after they submit their assessment. 

1.) When [Dropdown box]

The first dropdown box is where you can set when the students see results and feedback.

The options are:

2.) Score per Question

The Score per Question checkbox allows students to see how many points each question was worth and how many points they received for each question individually.


3.) Answers

The checkboxes here are All Answers, Correct, and Submitted. This will allow students to see all possible answers choices, only the correct answer choice, and/or the student's submitted answers. You can have all boxes checked, or any combination of the three.


4.) Feedback

If you have written any feedback for questions in the assessment, you can make it visible here by checking the box to allow Feedback.


5.) Show Incorrect Questions

This option will distinguish between the questions students got correct and the ones they got wrong. Questions they answered incorrectly will be marked as incorrect, and questions they answered correctly will be marked as correct. If this box is unchecked, there will not be a visual marker telling the students which ones they answered incorrectly; however, if you have the boxes checked under the Answers section (refer to Part 3), students can see which answer they put and which answer is correct.


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