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11.1. How do I Create Rubrics?


Blackboard has a built in rubric creation system which simplifies the process of both creating the rubrics and associating them with items in your course.


This section will cover how to create rubrics.


Step 1.

To create a rubric, access the Course Menu on the left sidebar and click Course Tools near the bottom. Then click on Rubrics.

**If you do not see a link to Rubrics here, you will need to skip to Step 4.

Step 2.

After you click Rubrics, you should see the Rubrics window. It should look similar to the one below:

If you have no rubrics created, you will see the "No rubrics" message. If you do have rubrics, they will appear here.

To create a new rubric, click on the "Create Rubric" button at the top.

Step 3.

Once you are in the "Create Rubric" window, you can assign a rubric name and description in Section 1 labeled "Rubric Information."

In Section 2, labeled "Rubric Detail," you can adjust the specifics of the rubric.


Step 4. If "Rubrics" does not appear in the Course Tools:

1. Click "Customization" in the Course Menu on the left sidebar.

2. Click "Tool Availability"

3. Scroll down until you see "Rubrics" and check the box to make it Available

4. Then click Submit.


For more information, visit  Blackboard's guide for Rubrics.

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