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5.1. How do I Edit the Test/Edit the Test Options?


Tests in Blackboard Learn have a great deal of options available for customizing everything from the actual questions, in what manner they are presented, to feedback and availability dates. Details on these options can be found throughout Chapter 6 of this Knowledge Book.

Edit the Test allows you to edit questions and answers inside the test. It also allows to change the point value of specific questions. Feel free to look around in the options before your course goes live to get a feel of what tools are available. However, we recommend that you contact us before making any changes if you are uncertain if what you are editing is correct.

Edit the Test Options allows you to edit features of the test as a whole. For instance, you can add or change a Due Date, set Availability Exceptions, and set a time limit. As above, feel free to look around, but notify us if you are unsure of changing any settings. Each section of "Edit the Test Options" is detailed in the other guides under the Assessment tab.


To access these features, hover of the assessment you wish to edit. Then click on the grey circle that appears next to the title. This should make a drop down menu appear. The first two options are Edit the Test and Edit the Test Options.

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