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1.3. Do I need a Super Section?

What is a super section? 

Super section is a section that holds multiple sections of the same course in one "super section."  This course section can be created by Online Technical Support Team, or you as an instructor can choose to complete this step in myBama, under the Blackboard Learn Section Maintenance. For instructions please access the document (http://frc.ua.edu/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/create_combine_bbl_sections_2014.pdf) created by the Faculty Resource Center.

Why would you want to create a super section?

Some instructors who teach online courses might be assigned to teach multiple sections of a course that will hold identical content.  Instructors typically find it easier to teach one section that includes all of the students from either one or multiple sections of the course that they are teaching.


Please note that if you know you will be combining course sections into a super section, it is very important to either create one or request one PRIOR to the date when courses are copied.  Visit the timeline for course copy section to read information regarding the course copy process. We will NOT be able to create super sections after the first day of classes.


Contact us, if you have more questions about super sections.

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