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4.4. How do I set up Group Assignments?

Assignments can be set up as Group Assignments by following the steps below.

1.) Navigate to the desired assignment (within the assignment area or within a module) and hover your mouse over the title. You should see a small context menu circle appear next to the title, click this and select "Edit"

2.) Scroll down to section 4 labeled "Grading" and click "Submission Details."

3.) Select the "Group Submission" radio button to change the Assignment from an individual assignment to a Group Assignment.

4.) Select the Groups from the left box labeled "Items to Select" and click the top arrow button to the right of the "Items to Select" box.

5.) Once the selected groups have moved the right box labeled "Selected Items," you can click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen. The assignment is now a Group Assignment assigned to the Selected Groups.

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