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2.5. What is Student View

When you click the "Go To Student View" button in your course (shown below) the system will automatically enroll a demo student in your course of which you have control. This feature will allow you to see what your students see when accessing your course, whether it be test availability, feedback, grades, etc...

The demo student will be displayed in your roster and grade center as First name "Demo" last name "User" with a username as "bb_demo" followed by a unique string of numbers as shown below.

While you are in Student View you may take tests, submit assignments, and access content just as a normal student would. This can be very useful for verifying student claims of availability or errors, and for testing out the various functions in your course and how those translate to your grade center.

Once you've finished with student view make sure you then click the "Return To Teacher View" button located in the same area the student button was previously (shown below) to return to your normal instructor view of the course. You may switch back and forth between Teacher and Student view freely without losing any work.

As work completed while in student view will be saved just like any other student, you may find our How do I View/Clear Attempts & Submissions? article useful for clearing out submissions/attempts done under the student account when further testing is required.

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