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9.2. Recording with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Recording with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder

If you have not yet installed the Mediasite Desktop Recorder or validated your account, you can click here for information on doing so.

You will need to access the Mediasite Desktop Recorder webpage using the following instructions:

1. In your Blackboard Course, click the MyMediasite course link on the course menu.

2. Then, click the MyMediasite link on the content page. 

Note: This link will redirect you to the MyMediasite webpage, so you will need to allow pop-ups for it to open successfully.

3. Once the MyMediasite webpage opens, click the "+ Create Presentation" button    in the top left corner of the window. 

4. After you click "+ Create Presentation", you will be prompted to create a presentation placeholder for your recording either by using Record Desktop or Upload Media.

If you already have a video file you wish to use, choose Upload Media. If you need to record your computer desktop to create a video, choose Record Desktop.

Note: If you record a video on your mobile device, access the MyMediasite webpage and select Upload Media.

5. After selecting Record Desktop, enter a Name and Description for your presentation. The title of a recording should follow this structure: "[Course] [Module Number]: [Brief title]." (For instance, "SW579 Module 3: Midterm Assignment Overview")

Once both fields are complete, click the Launch Desktop Recorder button in the bottom right corner.

6. When the Mediasite Desktop Recorder launches, you should see your username in the top left corner of the window. Click Record Now.

Note: If the account listed in the upper left corner has a different user or says "Sign-in", follow the account validation steps here.

7. The next few steps involve setting up your desktop and system to be recorded. You have a few options to choose from, so choose which option best fits your needs.

— Step 1: Select Type — 

If you wish to record both your desktop and video of yourself (You must have a webcam for this option), choose "Screencast + Video". If you wish to record just the desktop and your voice (You should have a headset or external microphone for this option), choose "Screencast + Audio".

— Step 2: Setup Hardware — 

Name your presentation in the "Presentation Name" field. If you chose "Screencast + Video", choose the webcam you would like to use under "Camera Input." For both "Screencast + Video" and"Screencast + Audio", set your "Microphone Input" to your headset.

Using your Built-In Microphone is not recommended because it will pick up background noise which could be bothersome to viewers; therefore, a headset is recommended.

Note: It is best to use the same title you previously used when creating the Presentation placeholder to make organizing your videos easier.

— Step 3: Prepare Screen — 

Make sure your desktop is clear and ready to record. If you are recording a Powerpoint, go ahead and have it loaded and ready to present. You want to exclude certain items from the recording such as email, instant messaging, or unnecessary clutter.

— Step 4: Capture Area — 

You can either check the box "Select the entire desktop" to record your entire desktop (This does not record both monitors if you have two screens), or you can click and drag a specific area of your desktop to record. This means that only items within the selected area will be captured buy the screen recorder.

— Step 5: Summary — 

Ensure that the information on the summary page is correct. If it is not, you can click Back to visit any of the previous steps.

Finally, locate your "Ready to Record" toolbox on your screen. If it says "WARNING!", you will need to move it out of the selected recording area. If you are recording your entire computer desktop, minimize the "Ready to Record" toolbox. 

Once it says "Camera is not being recorded," you are ready to click the Record button and start recording your desktop!

Bad:             Good: 

— Step 6: Complete Recording —

To pause the recording, click Pause on the "Ready to Record" toolbox. Clicking Finish will automatically begin uploading the file to the Mediasite server. If you are not pleased with the recording you have, you can click Discard to begin anew.

8. Congratulations on successfully recording your video! Click here to learn how to Publish and Upload your recording.

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