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9.3. How Do I Publish and Link to My Recording?

How Do I Publish and Link to My Recording?

After you have finished your recording and it has uploaded to your MyMediasite page, you can link it in your course following the instructions below. For information on how to create a recording, click here.

1. In your Blackboard Course, click on the MyMediasite course link on the left sidebar. Then, click the MyMediasite link on the content page. 

Note: This link will redirect you to the MyMediasite webpage, so you will need to allow pop-ups for it to open successfully.

2. Locate the video in MyMediasite that you would like to publish to your course. By default, all videos are set to Private. If you share the link and the video is marked as Private, students will not be able to view it, so it is important to make it Viewable.

3. Click on the title of the video and then click the Share tab at the top. On the Share tab, copy the Link provided in the window.

4. Once you have copied the link, you can paste the link in an email/announcement, on the discussion board, or in a content area. Below is demonstration on how to add it to a content area in Blackboard.

— Step 1 —

In your Blackboard course, enter the content area on the course menu to which you would like to link your video.

— Step 2 —

Click Build Content.

— Step 3 —

Click Web Link.

— Step 4 — 

On the "Create Web Link" page, enter a Name for the link and paste the video link you copied earlier into the URL line. You can then add any further information or text necessary in the Description box below it.

 — Step 5 — 

Click Submit and the link to your recording should now be visible in the course! 

Note: You can edit the name or description after you hit Submit.

6. Congratulations on Publishing your recoding. For information on downloading the recording, click here. 

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