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9.4. How Do I Download Recordings?

How Do I Download Recordings?

As well as Publishing your Recordings, you can also download copies the MP4 video files for any of your recordings by following the instructions below.

1. In your Blackboard Course, click on the MyMediasite course link on the left sidebar. Then, click the MyMediasite link on the content page. 

Note: This link will redirect you to the MyMediasite webpage, so you will need to allow pop-ups for it to open successfully.

2. Click the title of the video you wish to download. 

3. On the new window that appears for that specific recording, click the Edit tab and check the Publish To Go checkbox. Then click Save

4. After you click Save, click the Summary tab at the top and then click the Download button. 

5. Clicking download will prompt a Download window to appear. Follow the prompts on the screen:

6. Locate the file in your downloads. It will be have randomized alphanumeric name. It should be a ZIP file, so you will need to double click the file to access the contents. 

Note: You can sort your downloads by date so the most recent file will be at the top.

7. Inside the folder, locate the MP4 file. You can rename this file and copy it to your desired location. 

8. View our Video Retention Policy to help determine if you should save personal copies of your video recordings.

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